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Kamis, 08 Desember 2011


Ket: Artikel di bawah ini diikutsertakan dalam lomba menulis artikel blog yang diadakan oleh

Uh um it’s a nice translator. If I am at the cyber cafe I’ll open it anyway.  My English actually is really bad and the makes me glad. It helps me in trouble when my vision’s double. Is when I read online manga and there are no bahasa. Now when I find a new idiom I’m not a moron anymore. Arising to give you great gift, it’s a bridge (to) improve your knowledge. English is important now, for you girls and boys; it’s the way to makes your surfings so joy. One color is fine. No need to every moment it changes. Remember this is a dictionary. Let the readers aren’t dizzy. So, man, it’s a good blue that won’t ever make us blue. May tenses be inside it in too? Later I hope it has word's description: the verb or the noun, the adjective or the adverb. I’m sure especially the students will feel easier. Thank you. I’m done I’m gone.

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